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Force 8 Press to Check P3 Filter

• Supplied filter only (Mask not included).
• Daily face-fit reassurance.
• Compatible with Force 8 Mask.
• High efficiency dust protection.
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Qualitative Fit Testing Kit

Full face masks cannot be tested because the test hood is not large enough for the mask fitted with a filter.
For testing this product it will be necessary to use the Quantitative method.
Qualitative Fit Testing can be used not only as a test method to ensure your employees are properly protected; but also as a very effective way of training them in the correct way of fitting a mask.
Dust and half masks commonly fail to do the job they are intended to do because of poor fitting and care by the user.
The seal between the face and the edge of the mask is the most common problem area.
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Spare Filter. Spare to maintain Jetstream® as a highly effective respiratory product.
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3M 6051 A1 GAS & VAPOUR FILTER PACK OF 2 (292633)

Low breathing resistance.
Well balanced when fitted to a mask.
Provides excellent field of vision as a result of unique trapezoidal shape.
Bayonet fitting system ensures precise and secure locking.
Versatility: can be used on all 3M 6000 & 7000 Series half masks and full face mask.
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Pair of replacement filters for PowerCap® Infinity®. Filters should be checked, maintained and replaced regularly to ensure the unit performs correctly. The length of a filters life depends on working application.

About the filters:
These filters are high efficiency particulate types supplied in pairs.
They will filter most particulate matter such as dust, spores, mist and fumes.
They will not filter gases, vapours or toxic substances.
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Gas/Vapour GV-X TH2A2P R SL Filter

TH2A2P R SL Spare Filter.
Spare to maintain Jetstream® as a highly effective respiratory product.